AN ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 AND ISO 45001:2018 CERTIFIED GROUP

Technical Services & Rock Blasting Co LLC

Al Fajar Al Alamia Co SAOG

AN ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 CERTIFIED

Technical Services & Rock Blasting Co LLC

AN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 CERTIFIED COMPANY

M/S.Technical Services & Rock Blasting Co. LLC (TECHROCK) is the drilling and blasting company wholly owned by M/S. Al Fajar Al Alamia Co. SAOG. It was established in April 1987 and since then has successfully implemented a number of drilling and blasting assignments covering major road projects, quarries, mines, port development, under water blasting, pipelines, tunneling, seismic prospecting and other infrastructure projects.

The company is well equipped with a team of qualified and internationally experienced drilling and blasting personnel holding valid Royal Oman Police blasting licenses. It has a fleet of equipment comprising of rigs, vehicles , delivery and service trucks etc. and is self sufficient in implementing drilling and blasting for major project assignments. It is duly supported by uninterrupted explosives supply by the Al Fajar group.

Techrock is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and quality works is its key motto. It is accredited with valid certification from PDO and is a member of International Institute of Explosives Engineers. Techrock expanded its presence in the Middle East by establishing Technical Drilling & Blasting Co LLC (TDB) in U.A.E in March 1998. TDB like Techrock has similar capabilities and in a short span of time has established itself as the major sub-contractor for drilling and blasting in U.A.E.


Road Cuts are demanding jobs that require precise tools and qualified engineers to execute the job without damaging the surrounding environment. Techrock’s in-house qualified engineers are well trained and have handled many large road development projects across the country. Techrock’s energetic and enthusiastic team can execute projects on time with minimum guidelines.


Techrock equips partner companies to expedite tunnelling projects. Tunnelling requires extensive experience and knowledge. Techrock’s highly qualified and experienced tunnel experts plan, prepare and execute projects in a staged manner, maximizing safety precautions and increasing efficiency.


An extremely dangerous manoeuvre that can be handled only by experts. Techrock has the right experts in the explosive division who can accurately project and focus on what needs to be blasted. This is a time-sensitive, precision-based project which requires tactics and knowledge, especially with closed proximity blasting.


Large underwater pipeline laying/drilling and underwater cabling require adequate knowledge about underwater projects. It is a risky manoeuvre where Techrock employs its best resources and experts to handle the project.


Particularly designed for oil, water, and sewage pipelines, Techrock uses heavy trench blasting methods that focus energy distribution throughout the rock. Precisely controlled drilling inside the rock makes the blasts effective.


Techrock’s widespread network of fleet operators and heavy earth movers are always available for high capacity quarrying and mining projects. With a standby fleet of trucks and professional drivers, Techrock can guarantee on-time completion of large-scale projects. Techrock is a name you can trust when it comes to dependable service.


Levelling works determines the base and structure of the huge projects to be built. It requires surveying, geography, soil management etc. where Techrock employs experts in the associated areas. Techrock also has a solid background of executing large levelling projects throughout its lifetime.


Seismic exploration reveals if the surface contains valuable crude oil and other natural minerals. Techrock’s seismic exploration has led several of its clients to precisely evaluate and find natural resources. Techrock has an expert seismic exploration team from well-renowned institutions and companies to guide and progress the project.


Techrock’s widespread network of fleet operators and heavy earth movers are always available for high capacity quarrying and mining projects. With a standby fleet of trucks and professional drivers, Techrock can guarantee the on-time completion of large-scale projects. Techrock is a name you can trust when it comes to dependable service.


Being a market leader in the mining industry, the benefits have enabled the company to establish an active trading division. Our trading division produces the highest quality of regular and special mining products including Gypsum, Aggregates, (Gabbro and Limestone) and Armour rocks. Our company adheres to strict quality control measures to deliver only the highest-grade materials. Our premium quality materials have fetched us many large shipments to Bangladesh and other countries. The company is actively expanding its presence in the global market to explore new territories and achieve new milestones.

Safety First - QHSE Department

Being an Integrated Management System company, Technical Services & Rock Blasting Co LLC will commit and protect the Health and Safety of its employees, customers, visitors and the community at large and protect the physical environment in which the company activities are carried out.

  • Ensuring that our services meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Ensuring the safety and welfare of our staff and the protection of our assets.
  •  Ensuring the prevention of any impact on the environment resulting from our actions.
  • Complying with all relevant Environmental, Health & Safety legal laws and other requirements.
  • To identify the hazards (the potential for harm) assess the risks (the likelihood of that harm being realized) and manage those risks.
  • To maintain work equipment in a safe state and provide both safe systems of work and a safe working environment for employees and all who work on our behalf.
  • Periodically review the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the EHS management system.
  • Strive to prevent any incidents, accidents, occupational illness or exposures which could cause harm to people and damage to properties and assets and the environment and maintain Emergency Plans to reduce risks and adverse effects.
  • Make every effort to protect the environment and prevent pollution, to minimize consumption of materials, to promote reuse and recycling of wastes and adopt the best practice on waste management.
  • Strive to achieve continual improvement of the EHS management system and related performance.
  • The policy will be reviewed periodically and will be available for employees and the public.

Our Policies

Environmental Policy Click Here
Health and Safety Policy Click Here
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