Al Fajar Al Alamia

Al Fajar Al Alamia can transform any project into success by providing cost-effective applications, across various sectors, through innovation, customization, and material substitution. The company's various divisions are diverse in terms Of skills, technology, and operations

First and foremost in Service to Explosives Users in Oman

Established in 1979, Hajar Explosives Trading Co. LLC and Hajar Explosives Manufacturing Co. LLC (now Al Fajar Al Alamia Co. SAOG) is an Omani company with worldwide connections. It was set up in collaboration with ICI Nobel’s Explosives Company, at that time the largest commercial explosives company in the world. Since inception, we have complied with the strict and uncompromising standards of the Royal Oman Police on explosives related issues. It has been the key supplier of explosives and accessories which have made the construction of an intricate network of roads possible over rocky terrain and has also provided explosives products required for mining and quarrying operations, cutting trenches when laying oil and gas pipelines and in road and harbour construction.

Our group companies

Technical Service and Rock Blasting

M/S Technical Services & Rock Blasting Co. LLC (TECHROCK) is the drilling & blasting company wholly owned by M/S. Al Fajar Al Alamia Co.SAOG .It was established in April 1987 and Since then has successfully implemented a number of drilling & blasting assignments, covering major road projects, quarries, mines, port development, underwater blasting, pipeline trenches, tunneling,

seismic prospecting and other infrastructure projects

Al Awam Minerals LLC

awam minerals acquire mining lease area in 2019 for natural gypsum reserves in al rawaiya near thamrait. selective mining method is being implemented by drilling and blasting for quarry development to maintain gypsum quality. blasted gypsum is processed by crushing and screening to produce export quality products of different sizes of (5-50) mm, (50-100) mm and gypsum powder mainly for export purpose. 

Al Andalous For Rock Blasting LLC

This Company was acquired in 2010 to increase the market share and to complete aggressively in the drilling and blasting , earthworks engineering, construction, and marine sector . 

Al Musdaq Modern Trading LLC

Perfection is a simple yet powerful word that defines Al Musdaq Modern Trading LLC. Wholly owned by Al Fajar Al Alamia, Al Musdaq Modern Trading was established in 2010. With an inspiring history, an unshakable set of values, and numerous successful projects in Oman completed on time and within budget, we have the capability, skill, and experience to deliver superior results. In drilling & blasting works, we have significant contributions in almost all types projects, using Open or Controlled Blasting procedures.

Geodynamics Mideast LLC

Geodynamics founded in 2018, , we have entered the market with a ‘bang’, catering to our associate Technical Drilling & Blasting Co LLC. At the same time, we are also consolidating our market with other blasting companies and quarries in addition to infrastructure projects such as roads, tunnels, etc. Our mission is to be at the forefront, providing the UAE customers with the very latest in industrial explosive technology and services support. Our brainwave comes from the trust of our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and shareholders who believe in our potential to deliver.

Technical Drilling & Blasting Co.LLC

The name Technical Drilling and Blasting COL C (TDB) represents true enterprise. Our journey began in 1997 as a subsidiary company of Al Fajar Al Alamia Co SAOG, Oman. Established in the UAE, shaped by a lineage of sound and straightforward business principles, our value system has been built on a strong foundation of trust and transparency.